College Heights Fitnes Inc.

College Heights Fitness Inc.

college heights fitness inc.

College Heights Fitness Inc. is a 9000 square foot 24/7 member only access fitness facility. We have full change rooms that include large private lockers, private showers, and spacious saunas.

We also offer tanning in a large private tanning room, with a full range of tanning products available on site. Vending machines are also on site for member convenience.

Get a full body work out in by simply running through the machines at the front circuit area. Our cardio area offers cable and tv's that the members control. In the cardio area we have a full range of varying equipment such as: treadmills, ellipticals, stepmills, rowing machine, freerunner, crosstrainer,upright bikes and recumbant bikes.

Try out a class in our large, bright and colourfull dance/class space. We offer classes such as p90x. When classes are not in progress this space is available to members. This is an excellent space for stretching, boxing (you will find heavy bag and double end bags), various other open space training or just training in a space where the door can be closed, for more privacy.

The weight room is all inclusive including some of the heaviest dumbells you will find in town. We have a full range of benches and olympic bars and plates for the best option of free weights in town. We have a multitude of brands for the plate loaded and selectorized equipment. From isolateral machines to specialized machines we have it all. You will find lots of options for the common machines and exercises so you don't have to wait to long. Multiples for common machines mean you can hit the body at different angles or just have a favorite machine.

The weight room also features a large screen tv so you can keep up with the game in between sets. The music in the weight rooms and the class room are independent wifi/bluetooth speakers. This means the members control the tunes, and you will find that you can play what suits you best. We have a water cooler the offers hot or cold filtered water in between the class and weight room, by the magaizes. We also offer a unsupervised child room, where kids can play with toys on site or watch cable.

If you have your own business or control the marketing at your company you can advertise on the benches at the club.

We also offer Personal Training with a variety of in house and independent personal trainers. Check out the the training pages for packages and specialties.