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Personal training is a process where we help you exercise, to enhance your components of fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, as well as other subsets like power, skill, and speed.

Rotator Cuff Special

This is one of our expertise. We have taken extra time, and devoted our attention to the rotator cuff so that we can better serve you in this regard.
This package is Dedicated to the rotator cuff (shoulder).
A Rotator cuff injury is one of the most common shoulder injuries. We will teach you rehabilitative exercise(s) to help safely alleviate pain, decrease stiffness, increase range of motion and improve rotator cuff strength. We will help you gain an understanding of the rotator cuff to help prevent injuries and recover from a rotator cuff injury. Actually healing through movement.


12 week rotator cuff program.
Rare and effective rotator strengthening exercises will be learned.
The most recommended rotator cuff strengthening exercises will be learned.
Special pulley exercises for the rotator cuff will be used. Common and uncommon rotator cuff stretching exercises will be learned.
Range of motion exercises will be demonstrated.
We will teach the 7 structures that make up the shoulder joint.
We will teach the the structures that stabilizes the shoulder joint.
We will discuss how you injured your rotator cuff and discuss the 5 most common causes of rotator cuff injuries.
Then we will go over the 12 factors that influence the risk of a rotator cuff injury.
Follow by the most common injuries that occur to the rotator cuff.
Discus the treatment options available for rotator cuff injuries.


Limited time: $150 one time fee then $21 per hour for as many sessions as you need/want (normal program is 12 weeks)