College Heigths Fitness. Golf conditioning


Personal training is a process where we help you exercise, to enhance your components of fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, as well as other subsets like power, skill, and speed.

Golf Conditioning Program

This is one of our expertise. We have taken extra time, and devoted our attention to Golf Conditioning so that we can better serve you in this regard. We will be working to enhance the components of fitness that are used in golf.
We will improve the performance of your golf game with a comprehensive golf-conditioning program. The golf program is specifically designed to assess and correct your golf form and give you a specific custom exercise program for you to improve your golf performance. We will focus on the mechanics of the golf swing and specific exercises designed for the various phases of the swing. Balance and coordination will be promoted through activities. You will learn common golf-related injuries, swing faults and how to use exercise to correct and help prevent injuries and swing faults.


This service offering starts with a our standard intake and consultation with a visual analysis of posture, flexibility, strengthand balance to determine your strengths and if you exhibit any musculoskeltal disorders or weaknesses. We will perform a basic physical assesment of the golf swing. The stages of the golf swing will be analyzed and improved. We will focus on posture, flexiblity, strength, balance and lumbar and thoracic stabilization to improve the golf swing. Stability ball exercises and stretches wil be used to restore proper function and prepare you for more golf specific and advanced conditioning programs


Limited time: $350 one time fee then $21 per hour for as many sessions as you need/want. The length of this program really depends on where you are on your golf fitness components.