College Heights Fitness. Bench Press Training

Bench Press Training Program

This is a power lifting package.
We will be working to get your bench press weight heavier.
There will be a strong focus on assisting exercises that support your body and help increase poundage. These support exercises will also work to maintain your other muscle groups so that your strength and size doesn't atrophy during this training.
Since we also specialize in the rotator cuff, you can be assured that we will be including rotator cuff exercises. We will be working to protect your shoulders integrity while strengthening it and ensuring longevity in your bench pressing.
This program can work for beginners to advance lifters.

Pricing and program length

This program is 5 to 6 weeks in duration running 3 to 5 days/ week at approx. 1h each for $599


Available only for those 16 to 65 years of age. Approval for training necessary based on health Questionnaire. Please see the pricing section for purchase details. If you are looking for something a little less/more customized then check out our other service offerings for a package(s) or hourly sessions that might be a better deal for you.